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Relax & Renew on Retreat

A Yoga retreat offers a unique opportunity to deeply nourish and restore yourself. Something truly special happens when you remove yourself from the daily grind to slow down in a beautiful natural setting... you'll quiet the noise in your mind, disengage from  to-do lists and your personal story line, drop in to the moments without any achievement agenda, then gain greater insight in to who you really are and what is truly important to you.

 In order to effectively tend to the demands of life we need to be intentional about self-care. There’s the self-care of daily life which is necessary for a balanced, healthy life, and then there’s the intensive dose of nourishment that uniquely comes from a retreat in a gorgeous place where all your worries get checked with your baggage, and someone else takes care of all the details once you arrive.

Cyndi has been leading retreats in the US, Central America, South America and Europe for over a decade. Join her on an adventure to some of the most amazing places on earth. Create unforgettable memories, make new friends, and deepen your commitment to your practice.​

 Spanish Sanctuary

A Healing Retreat

in Benissa, Spain

April 5-12 SOLD OUT


April 12-19, 2025

We all need time for deep restoration.

Finding sanctuary is an important component of living life in radiant, blissful balance. In day to day life, cultivating inner serenity is an elusive process. Life gets busy, complicated, taxing or tiring, making it hard to find lasting peace. 

The gift of retreat allows you to truly unwind and thoroughly rest so you can refresh your body, clear your mind and renew your spirit. 

Located in the Alicante region of southern Spain, medieval Benissa is surrounded by stunning nature with dramatic cliff tops, rocky coves, serene sandy beaches, unique tiny bays, and terraced vineyards with panoramic views across the Mediterranean sea. It’s a gorgeous drop back for our week together to kick back, relax, heal and explore.

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April 5-12 SOLD OUT
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Sacred Sisters Mountain Retreat

Breaking Through the Barriers of Our Own Minds

Banner Elk, NC

October 8 - 13, 2024


A Sacred Sisters Retreat offers an oasis away from the fast-paced demanding lives we’re so often drawn into that can cut us off from our innate & sacred feminine wisdom. Our intention is collective healing & rest; to cultivate a space where we can tap into shared wisdom, support & connection, and to explore the ways in which our own thoughts and beliefs may be holding us back from living our lives fully with passion and purpose.

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Cyndi's retreats are a great way to explore international travel safely and enjoy a more intense yoga experience. It's always a vacation that I actually come home from feeling restored. Cyndi has given me the tools that empower me to improve life on my own. She has taught me breathing techniques to help with my anxiety and massage/acupressure techniques that really help with my headaches."

Jillian, Raleigh, NC

Cyndi's retreats are one-of-a-kind. I've attended several! She artfully attends to all the details so I don't have to do anything but show up. That's priceless to me as a busy professional who struggles to get away from my demanding work life. The venues are beautiful,  the excursions are amazing and the yoga classes help me enjoy the experiences on a whole different level. I always return home feeling rejuvenated.

Donna, Raleigh, NC

SIMPLY the BEST! I have had the pleasure of making wonderful memories with Cyndi Bulka at her yoga retreats in Italy, Greece, France and Belize. Her experience in designing international yoga retreats and facilitating these wonderful adventures is top notch. I always eagerly anticipate each year’s announcements.

Krista, Raleigh, NC

I have been on several retreats with Cyndi. Each one has been well organized and in a peaceful, unique setting. Each time I'm able to connect with new people as well as reconnect with others, or just find solace in nature. I always return home re-energized , refreshed,  and with a much clearer mindset.

Pat, Raleigh, NC

I've been on 2 womens retreats; a weekend at the NC coast and the other in Sedona. Both left me feeling recharged and a little bit further down the road on my personal journey. You definitely won't regret the time and investment going to a Cyndi retreat!

Tanya, Raleigh, NC