Yoga for Every Body

I can honestly say that Yoga saved my life. I dabbled in athletic-style Yoga for a number of years before I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that ravaged my body and took all my energy. In order to heal from the effects of Chron’s disease and years of abusing food and over-exercising. I knew I had to do something different; and to change my mindset from its afflictions too...stress, self-criticism, and perfectionism. I wanted to find a way to be kinder to my body and slow down enough so I could reconnect to my natural wisdom. Yoga provided me with a template to do all that and so much more.

I want to share that with the world! I’ve done extensive training as a teacher and bodyworker, eventually opening my own studio. I’ve been a teacher for 25 years now! It has been my guiding light and my refuge. My touchstone to the sacred. I am still in love with Yoga!

If you’ve tried Yoga and felt it wasn’t for you or found yourself feeling like a fish out of water in a class, there’s another option! If you have arthritis, chronic pain, autoimmune disease, stress-related health issues, are overweight, stiff as a board, recovering from injury or illness….then you are the perfect fit for my classes and programs. I welcome you to come as you are and know that my instruction will meet you where you’re at!

Restore Your Core

A 2 Part series

Mondays, December 6 & 13 6-7:15pm

A weak core can cause a host of issues that arise from spinal misalignment and poor posture. The core is so much more than  abdominal muscles; it's composed of many different muscle groups connecting the pelvis to the the spine and hips. Our core is our center of gravity and stability. To work the core effectively we must strengthen and balance all the contributing muscle groups.

From the Yoga perspective the core body is home to the solar plexus chakra, our 'personal power' center. When this chakra is open and balanced, we have the energy and confidence to be our best selves.

In this online series we'll explore core building and rebalancing, all designed to create a strong, balanced body. Toning your core is NOT just about doing a hundred crunches a day! When approached  from a multi-faceted perspective, working your core muscles is not only effective but also empowering!

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Welcome the Winter Solstice with Restorative Yoga 

Sunday, December 19 from 5-6:30pm

Celebrate the Winter Solstice by turning inward and cultivating tranquility from within. Join Cyndi for this live streaming restorative yoga workshop to unwind your tense body and calm and quiet your busy mind this hectic time of year.

Restorative yoga is a healing practice whereby the practitioner is held by bolsters, blankets and blocks in supported poses for sustained periods of time. The result is a pround relaxation and re-setting and rebalancing of your nervous system. No experience necessary.

Recommended props: soft mat, 2-3 blankets, a large firm pillow or yoga bolster, 2 yoga blocks and eye covering.

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Live Streaming Yoga Classes

Mondays 6-7:30pm          Wednesdays 9:30-11am

Over the years I have met thousands of students who come to me needing what I had needed….healing and hope. I teach programs that help people heal and grow physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I welcome people of all ages, backgrounds and sizes regardless of their physical condition or state of health.

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Therapeutic Yoga Lower Back Video Series

Are you tired of chronic low back pain sapping your mojo, stealing your sleep and keeping you from doing the things you love to do? In this 3 part gentle yoga video series that comes with an illustrated handbook, you'll find the keys to healing your back pain and preventing it from reoccurring.

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The Chill Out

Meditation Series

5 Meditations to Relax Your Body & Calm Your Mind

Progressive Relaxation: Unwind chronic tensions, calm your monkey mind, relax your nervous system.

Breathing Meditation 1: Breathe to calm and sedate your nervous system. Calm anxiety and remedy that ‘wired and tired’ feeling.

Breathing Meditation 2: Balance your energy so you can pull yourself out of dull or hyper energy modes into a state of harmonious balance. 

Gratitude Meditation: Tapping into gratitude can decrease depression and promote a greater sense of well being and positivity in general.

Sleep Meditation: Segue into a peaceful night’s sleep with this uber-relaxing guided relaxation set to the ocean’s waves.

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