Sacred Sisters

A sisterhood of conscious women who thrive on deep connection

Who We Are

We are women who want to thrive physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually. We seek deep connection with like minded women and can be reciprocal when it comes to sharing with & supporting one another. We are willing to invest in our own well being as well as that of the sisterhood & the community in which we live. We stand for equality, justice & truth. We take care of Mother Earth & the healing of our planet. We value honesty & integrity and are willing to put our words into action and our money where our mouth is. We share a deep desire to awaken and honor our divine feminine wisdom and put that energy towards the betterment of humankind & the planet.
It's our collective intention to build a diverse community of women of all ages, ethnicities, sexual orientation, income levels & backgrounds so we can learn from and support one another in meaningful, authentic & accepting ways. We are open minded & open hearted.

Why a Sisterhood?

Sacred Sisters is the result of my own passionate longing for deep & meaningful connection with other women who share a common amplify our strength, transform ourselves & make a positive impact in the world we live in. Our world needs healing more than ever, and I believe this depends on the rise of Divine Feminine Energy which, by nature, is nurturing, creative, open & supportive. Together we can create an evolutionary journey that heals our own wounds and reveals our true power, purpose & passion so that together we can help heal the planet and humankind.
When we peel back layers of conformities, insecurities, drama & other low vibrational mindsets that keep us from stepping into & honoring our divine feminine power & wisdom, we can let go of whatever holds us back from discovering our unique contributions to our families, friends & the world. We come together as sacred mirrors for one another to share a healthy balance of fun, laughter, & vulnerability; to both acknowledge our pain & celebrate life through Yoga, meditation, healthy living, service & the collective energy of one another.
I've always believed that women need a soft place to safely evolve as humans. Here we can recognize our own spirit's reflection in our fellow sisters and trust that the burdens of our pain & the magnitude of our love & joy are shared. We'll do that through self exploration & discovery, physical well being, emotional healing, spiritual awakening & activism in the company of kindred souls. This is a safe place to open ourselves to change, embrace our wisdom and gain insight into the greater interdependence of all things.
I avail myself to you for guidance, support & understanding. I whole-heartedly invite your ideas, feedback, questions & input. Together let's build a powerful community of sage women as a resource of strength & wisdom for one another so we can elevate not only our own mindsets, but those with whom we touch as well.
Join the Sisterhood
Membership is free to any and all women who share this common vision and hold a sincere interest in deep connection, personal growth while elevating one another & the healing our communities and our world.

Sacred Sisters Retreat in Sedona October 15-20, 2024

The Sacred Sisters Women's Retreat offers an oasis away from the fast-paced lives we’re often drawn into that cuts off from our innate, sacred feminine wisdom. Our intention is collective healing & rest. Let's tap into shared wisdom, support & connection!
I have one more scholarship available for any woman who needs a little help to make this happen. If you've gone through a recent loss, difficult change, are dealing with any physical, mental or emotional health challenge or simply need some time, space and support to recharge your battery, let's talk. I can help you make it happen....all you need to do is float your well being and self care to the top of that long priority list!
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Let's Do Brunch!

The Sacred Sisterhood is a new (and growing!) community. Let's have some fun! Our next gathering is on Sunday, November 5 at 1pm at Coquette in North Hills. All are welcome!