Sacred Sisters

A sisterhood of conscious women who thrive on deep connection

Who We Are

We are women who want to thrive physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually. We seek deep connection with like minded women and can be reciprocal when it comes to sharing with & supporting one another. We are willing to invest in our own well being as well as that of the sisterhood & the community in which we live. We stand for equality, justice & truth. We take care of Mother Earth & the healing of our planet. We value honesty & integrity and are willing to put our words into action and our money where our mouth is. We share a deep desire to awaken and honor our divine feminine wisdom and put that energy towards the betterment of humankind & the planet.
It's our collective intention to build a diverse community of women of all ages, ethnicities, sexual orientation, income levels & backgrounds so we can learn from and support one another in meaningful, authentic & accepting ways. We are open minded & open hearted.

Why a Sisterhood?

Sacred Sisters is the result of my own passionate longing for deep & meaningful connection with other women who share a common amplify our strength, transform ourselves & make a positive impact in the world we live in. Our world needs healing more than ever, and I believe this depends on the rise of Divine Feminine Energy which, by nature, is nurturing, creative, open & supportive. Together we can create an evolutionary journey that heals our own wounds and reveals our true power, purpose & passion so that together we can help heal the planet and humankind.
When we peel back layers of conformities, insecurities, drama & other low vibrational mindsets that keep us from stepping into & honoring our divine feminine power & wisdom, we can let go of whatever holds us back from discovering our unique contributions to our families, friends & the world. We come together as sacred mirrors for one another to share a healthy balance of fun, laughter, & vulnerability; to both acknowledge our pain & celebrate life through Yoga, meditation, healthy living, service & the collective energy of one another.
I've always believed that women need a soft place to safely evolve as humans. Here we can recognize our own spirit's reflection in our fellow sisters and trust that the burdens of our pain & the magnitude of our love & joy are shared. We'll do that through self exploration & discovery, physical well being, emotional healing, spiritual awakening & activism in the company of kindred souls. This is a safe place to open ourselves to change, embrace our wisdom and gain insight into the greater interdependence of all things.
I avail myself to you for guidance, support & understanding. I whole-heartedly invite your ideas, feedback, questions & input. Together let's build a powerful community of sage women as a resource of strength & wisdom for one another so we can elevate not only our own mindsets, but those with whom we touch as well.
Join the Sisterhood

Dinner at Kadhai Indian Wok

March 7 at 6:30pm

 Let's gather for an informal dinner of yummy Indian food! It's a chance to get to know one another and have some laughs. Everyone pays for thier own meal. Rsvp for a headcount and consider making a donation to the Sister's Pocket to cover expenses and help fellow sisters in need.