About Cyndi

About Cyndi

Who Is Cyndi Powers?

Cyndi Powers is the mindset mentor for changing the way you think about your body, food, exercise and your life.

Managing your weight and enjoying your life at the same time is possible! Cyndi understands from her own journey, the importance of healing from the frustration, angst, body shame and guilt that came from years of yo-yo dieting and using exercise to punish regular sugar binges. She authentically helps women understand how chronic dieting and negative body image actually prevents them from being able to have a friendly and healthy relationship with their body and food. She then shows them how to access and harness the power of their own mind and heart’s wisdom to release unnecessary attachments and reclaim vital energy to restore Joy and Peace in their lives.

She’s been a Yoga teacher for more than 25 years, a Thai Yoga bodyworker, owned a Yoga studio, is an Integrative Health Coach, and now provides a fresh perspective and blueprint to living a healthy, happy life of abundance without stressing over the scale or what you can or can’t eat.

Her yoga classes, workshops, and retreats have touched thousands of lives all around the world.

She’s a mom to two wonderful adults, Nana to four beautiful grandkids, and partner to a wonderful man who is her best support. Two fur babies, an 1100-pound horse named Dak and an 11 pound dog named Lucie are regular companions. When she’s not at the barn or on the end of Lucie’s leash, you can find her hiking the local green ways and trails, piddling in her organic garden or cooking up something fresh and healthy in the kitchen.

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