A Perspective on Personal Balance and Renewal

Balance & Renewal Perspective | Coach Cyndi Powers

Seeking balance and cultivating the mindset and behaviors that create and sustain balance is an ongoing process. We can all shape our experience of personal balance and renewal, however that looks and feels. That requires a good measure of intention, honesty and a willingness to rediscover and be open to our innate wisdom. By surrendering our need to always  know ‘what’s next’ and allowing ourselves to be mindfully immersed in the present moments at hand, we can reconnect with ourselves and others in a truly nourishing and authentic way. There lies a great foundation for change, balance and growth.

The process of change does take energy and support. When you feel exhausted, disconnected, frustrated, hurt, sad or angry, it’s common to also have a sense that perhaps something is missing. Sometimes that shows up as a vague feeling…you can’t quite put your finger on exactly what it is, yet you have a feeling of being incomplete. Or you find yourself seeking to fill that space with distractions, oftentimes ones that do not serve well-being.

Here is a radical thought….~NOTHING IS MISSING~ 

That is a nice reminder to hold in your heart! That all the peace, love, wisdom, compassion, and joy is already there within. It’s our true nature and that’s an enduring state that eludes if we’re out of balance, over-busying ourselves or neglecting our need to replenish our energy and feed our spirit.

It’s human condition to become frustrated with the circumstances of life, a new job, a new relationship, a new home, a new body, a new car, or some sort of personal ‘makeover’. Dissatisfaction inevitably leaves us feeling inadequate and unfulfilled. While there are certainly times and circumstances in life that require change, like letting go of an unhealthy relationship, or changing jobs, or changing health habits for greater well-being, it is important to remember that any attachment to an ‘ideal’ or ‘magic bullet’… the “if-only” thinking...are mere fantasies that are in direct proportion to our level of personal suffering. This mind-set is a limiter of healthy change.

What would it be like to go of fantasies of what we think life should be and instead immerse ourselves into the truth of what’s really going on and who we truly are?  What if we surrendered ourselves to the fullness of the moment in hand, whether that involves celebrating life’s wonders, navigating the difficulties life brings our way, or the more mundane stuff of daily life. The kinds of changes that have the power to truly transform life come from within and are initiated in the present moment, not in some future fantasy we hold in our minds. The most radical thing we can do with our lives is to be deeply and fully present to it. Only from this place of ‘radical presence’ can we make the kinds of loving choices that support enduring health, happiness and peace.

Balance can be elusive at times. We have all been there before. What does it take to be in balance even if the circumstances around us are challenging? Becoming at ease with uncertainty is a necessary and conscious process. Contentment is a choice.  Every moment, every day, that choice presents itself.  Acceptance is merely seeing clearly what is. That doesn’t mean we are necessarily happy with the way things are, but simply that we see things as they are.  Change necessitates clear seeing. Oftentimes what we identify as struggles are simply our thoughts and opinions we hold about the circumstances at hand.  Difficulties are opportunities to let go; and every act of letting go brings us closer to our true nature, that of harmony and balance.

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