Join me in Spain!

Spanish Sanctuary

A Healing Retreat

in Benissa, Alicante, Spain

 April 12-19, 2025

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Cyndi Powers Coaching

Cyndi Powers is the mindset mentor for changing the way you think about your body, food, exercise, and your life.

Imagine the freedom that comes from relinquishing the endless battles with food, punishing exercise regimes, and the unrealistic expectations they pledge. Imagine the energy you can reclaim when you lay down the constant cycles of guilt and shame. Imagine making peace with your body and nourishing it with what it truly needs. Imagine!

Cyndi helps women manifest healthy, happy, and fulfilling lives through her Heal Your Hunger course that reflects her practical wisdom on releasing negative attachments to food, exercise, and body image. Her yoga classes, courses, retreats, and personal coaching gives you a fresh and fun blueprint to help you create the peace and well-being that is your birthright.


"I've been attending Cyndi's workshops for years. Most weeks it is hard for me to get to a weekly class, so the weekend workshops are the perfect way for me to get some good yoga in and learn some new and interesting things. Cyndi is great at giving personalized attention in the smaller workshops. I always leave so happy I came, and feel recharged even more than expected!" 


"I cannot fully express the magnitude of positive change that working with Cyndi has effected on my life. I met Cyndi in a workshop she spearheaded for women and positive body image.  Since then, I’ve been her yoga student, attended several retreats, and have taken her teacher training. Cyndi’s wealth of knowledge, as well as her open heart and generous spirit, makes her programs a one-of-a-kind experience. Through them, I’ve learned so much more about myself and today, I feel more balanced, centered, and happy because of the work I’ve done with Cyndi." 

Kate A.

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