The Maya Mountains  of Belize

October 29 - November 4, 2022



Relax & Renew on Retreat

Need a break from the hustle-bustle of your busy life?

Looking for some adventure with like-minded people in a supportive, beautiful natural environment?

Something truly special happens when you remove yourself from your daily grind and slow down in a beautiful natural setting... quiet the noise in your mind, disengage from your to-do lists and your personal story line to drop in to the moments without any achievement agenda, gain greater insight in to who you really are and what is truly important to you. A Yoga retreat offers a unique opportunity to deeply nourish and restore yourself.

In order to tend to the demands of work and family life we need to be intentional about self-care. There’s the self-care of daily life which is necessary for a balanced, healthy life, and then there’s the intensive dose of body and soul nourishment that uniquely comes from an extended retreat in a gorgeous place where all your worries get checked with your baggage, and someone else takes care of all the details once you arrive.

Cyndi has been leading retreats in the US, Central America, South America and Europe for over a decade. Join her on a specialized adventure to some of the most amazing places on earth. Create unforgettable memories, make new friends, and deepen your commitment to self-care and your practice.​

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"Cyndi's retreats are a great way to explore international travel safely and enjoy a more intense yoga experience. It was a vacation that I actually came home from feeling relaxed and restored. The food was amazing and left me feeling as though I had indulged yet it was healthy! Cyndi has given me the tools that empower me to improve life on my own. She has taught me breathing techniques to help with my anxiety and massage/acupressure techniques that really help with my headaches and other specific areas."

Jillian Hood, Raleigh, NC

Cyndi's retreats are one-of-a-kind. She artfully attends to all the details so I don't have to do anything but show up. That's priceless to me as a busy professional who struggles to get away from my demanding work life. The venues are beautiful,  the excursions are amazing and the yoga classes help me enjoy the experiences on a whole different level. I always return home feeling rejuvenated.

Donna Cohen, Raleigh, NC