Achieve Long Term Weight Loss... Even If You've Tried Every Diet 

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Achieve Long Term Weight Loss... Even If You've Tried Every Diet 

In addition to the physical health problems of being overweight, there are often a whole host of issues like:

  • Feeling ashamed of your body, constantly avoiding mirrors and cameras, and dressing to hide what you hate.
  • Constantly comparing yourself to other women and believing you don’t measure up.
  • Seeming like you’re doing well on the outside but suffering silently on the inside with self loathing, feelings of inadequacy, and self doubt.

Sound familiar? 

And it’s not that you haven’t tried. You’ve been through numerous diets that start off exciting and hopeful only to end in disappointment, frustration and feeling like crap about yourself. You might as well have never deprived yourself, because you end up back where you started.

You’re not alone. Research suggests that 80% of people who diet and lose weight will not maintain that weight loss for 12 months. Dieters regain, on average, more than half of what they lose back within two years.

But what if I told you that diet is not the most important factor in your weight loss? It’s not exercise either. Until you address your thought patterns and stress triggers, you’ll never reach the dream of the happy, healthy life of loving the skin you’re in. 

If dieting is not the answer, what is?

Let me share with you Heal Your Hunger, a revolutionary program that helps women lose excess weight for good.

Heal Your Hunger Includes:

  • 6 modules of self-paced instruction that include videos, podcasts, and worksheets that you can easily fit into your schedule and learning style
  • 4 private coaching sessions with me so you can get the individualized recommendations to move forward through any issue that may be holding you back
  • 12 months of weekly live group coaching sessions so you can get clarity and encouragement from me on a regular basis, along with the comfort and support from other women on the same journey
  • Access to a private Facebook group of women who understand what you’re going through and can offer support between coaching sessions
  • Lifetime access to updates to the course materials 


  • Access To 1-Month of Live Yoga Classes ($160 Value) taught by Cyndi 

Hi, I’m Cyndi Powers,

an Integrative Health Coach who has been helping women transform their health for over 25 years.

I went through my own journey to heal food addictions, and want to help you get free from the frustration, shame, and guilt that comes from having a negative body image. I’ve led workshops and retreats that have touched the lives of thousands of students around the world.

Valentina (Raleigh, NC)

“Cyndi literally takes pounds off you! Her private coaching makes you feel better right away. I discovered why I indulged in behaviors that created such distress in my life. If you are looking for lasting results, this program is for you!”

Nancy (Chicago, IL)

“Heal Your Hunger was so much more than I expected. It changed the way I think about food and my body, and best of all I didn’t feel preached at or made to feel guilty about my choices. Months after completing the program I am still listening to the podcasts and doing the meditations. The program is amazing!”

Pat (Raleigh, NC)

“Heal Your Hunger helped me confront my emotional eating issues on a daily basis. Working with Cyndi brought many subliminal triggers to the forefront to be examined. This program was one of the BEST choices I’ve made for myself.”

Tammy (Raleigh, NC)

"Working with Cyndi was eye opening as to how I judge myself and others with this idea of what is supposed to be. I am trying every day to love the body that I have. My self talk has improved a lot. She helped me to visualize the person that I wanted to be and to work with that goal in mind. I learned the importance of learning to really enjoy the food that I eat. Life is about learning to love yourself and the environment you create. Cyndi helped me create a better one!"

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Results... Or Your Money Back

I guarantee if you follow this program and incorporate the principles into your life, you will get results. However, if you show up to all of the calls and implement everything I teach and still do not see results after 30 days, I will refund 100% of your money. 

I know from over 25 years of coaching women that my unique approach works and I stand behind my program 100%.

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