Healing Your Hunger

Heal Your Hunger

Does any of this sound familiar?

You’ve tried numerous diets that start off exciting and hopeful only to end in disappointment, frustration and feeling like crap about yourself.

You live in a perpetual cycle of “feast or famine” and continuously feel out of balance.

You are ashamed of your body, avoid mirrors and cameras, dress to hide what you hate.

You’re always comparing yourself to other women and believe you don’t measure up.

You feel resistant, fearful or doubtful to the idea that lasting change is possible for you.

You eat normally or minimally around others and secretively eat alone often with unhealthy foods.

You overeat when you are overwhelmed, frustrated, sad, angry or anxious.

Your relationships lack boundaries and you struggle to get what you need and desire.

You’re doing well enough on the outside but suffer silently on the inside with self loathing, feelings of inadequacy and self doubt.

You avoid social situations and hold back from life in your shame.

You don’t trust yourself with food.

You feel guilty when you eat.

You feel out of control with food and confused about how to change.

You know you have greatness within but can’t seem to harness the energy or confidence to realize just how powerful and amazing you truly are.



If any of this describes you….

Then Heal Your Hunger is totally for you!

Heal Your Hunger

No matter how many diets you try, no matter how many exercise regimes you try, and no matter how long you’ve been struggling…Until you deal with your false perceptions and distorted thinking, you’ll never reach the dream of a happy, healthy life loving the skin you’re in.

Are you ready to relinquish your battle with food, the mirror and the scale once and for all?

Heal Your Hunger is a transformational course for women just like you, designed by someone who understands the bondage of disordered eating and distorted body image from her own journey. I’ve walked in your shoes! Don’t waste another minute of your precious time and energy fixating on what’s wrong with your body and what you think you can or can’t eat. There is a way out...a path of hope and healing that will transform your mindset and help you fall in love with your body and your life.

This is an intensive, multifaceted online course that will bring your suffering into the light where it can heal. You’ll receive 6 modules of content in the form of videos, podcasts, classes and thought-provoking worksheets. You’ll have 4 private coaching sessions with me and access to one year of weekly live group coaching sessions where you will learn new things and tap into a supportive community that knows what you’re going through and understands the ways dieting mentality and body shame can suck your energy and keep you from living your best life. You’ll have free lifetime access to any new material I add to the program once you’ve completed the course.

What women are saying....

"Cyndi is a woman of great belief and positivity and I respect her for that. Cyndi has taught me to respect my body  to become intuitive in regards to it. I love that she discourages competitiveness and empowers women to work with the information our bodies give us. She taught me to not to belittle what my body is telling me... Don’t push yourself beyond what is healthy for your unique body.... Respect your own body's boundaries... Be intuitive with yourself. Working with Cyndi has given me a new understanding of my anatomy, my body and breath, and how it is all connected. She has given me lifelong tools that help me cope with everyday pressures. I appreciate that Cyndi brings her Intuitiveness, knowledge, and hard-earned wisdom to all that she does. I feel very safe working with her."

Christine Vandiver, Boston MA 

"Cyndi is a fierce and loving lioness who knows how to reach your soul. In the Heal Your Hunger program I learned that no matter what is the place you are coming from, Cyndi can reach that silent source of doubts that obscure your everyday productivity. She literally takes pounds off of you! I have enjoyed taking this online course as I was able to follow my own schedule around my busy life. I also experienced that her personal coaching phone calls make you feel better right away. The course teaches you to own your emotional and physical hunger and put me in touch with the reasons behind why I indulged in behaviors that created such distress in my life. If you are looking for lasting lessons to coach you eat more mindfully this course is made for you too!"
Valentina, Raleigh, NC
 Heal Your Hunger was so much more than I expected. The content was jam packed with thought provoking podcasts, journaling exercises, tips, meditations and much more. It was all clear, well crafted, beautiful to look at and professionally presented. Cyndi's demeanor made everything feel comfortable and friendly. Heal Your Hunger changed the way I think about food and my body, and best of all I didn't feel preached at or made to feel guilty about my choices. Months after completeing the program I am still listening to the podcasts and doing the meditations. I glean something new every time! The program was amazing! Cyndi is very compassionate, empathetic and a compelling speaker. She's wonderful to work with in any capacity!
Nancy, Chicago, IL
Heal Your Hunger helped me confront my emotional eating issues on a daily basis on both an intellectual and emotional level. Working with Cyndi brought many subliminal triggers to the forefront to be examined. Working with Cyndi who has walked the walk through the many life stages of pregnancy, motherhood, pre and post menopause brings so much truth, wisdom and most important, patience and compassion to allow me to chart my own path to eating sobriety. I've been able to recognize the harm my choices were taking on my health and happiness. This course was one of the BEST choices I've made for myself.
Pat, Raleigh, NC

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I have the training, tools and personal wisdom to support your process of game changing mindset transformation. I’ve been where you are and successfully created a happy, healthy life embracing my perfectly imperfect body and enjoying the pleasure of eating. I reclaimed my power to live life on my own terms in peace and with joy. You can too.

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Healing Your Hunger